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The GSC is run entirely by volunteers, each one driven to improving the lives of Givat Shmuel Anglos and fulling the organization’s mission. Volunteers are self-organized into “committees”, or action groups focused on a specific facet of community life.


Ellie Somogyi
Interim Executive Chair

Executive Board

At the Annual General Assembly, GSC members elect a diverse board of local leaders who have demonstrated their leadership ability and commitment to Givat Shmuel. The Executive Board is the managerial institution of the GSC, and is dedicated to upholding its bylaws, and advancing its goals.


Nili Meir
Interim Chesed Chair

Chesed Committee

The Chesed Committee works to bring community members together around worthy causes both within and outside Givat Shmuel. They organize meal-trains for expecting mothers in the community, as well as food and clothing drives, and fundraising events, for individuals and groups in need.


Yaffa Frend
Interim Shabbat Chair

Shabbat Committee

The Shabbat Committee fills the void in family support experienced by many lone olim. They organize meals and programming for Shabbat and holidays, place guests and new members to the community at Givat Shmuel veterans, plan weekend activities (like Friday night onegs, shiurim, potluck seudot shlishit), and more.


Raya Lanin
Interim Social Chair

Social Committee

The Social Committee’s mission is to help Givat Shmuel Anglos integrate successfully into the community and Israeli life, boost community cohesiveness, and offer events catered to all the varied interests of local members. They organize workshops, parties, game nights, barbeques, and too many other events to count.


Hillel Davis
Interim Torah Chair

Torah Committee

The Torah Committee provides a religious outlet for community members across all spectrums, facilitating the spiritual and Jewish-intellectual growth of all those interested. They organize communal tefilot, learning experiences, and a variety of lectures and shiruim hosted by religious figures from across Israel.


Dovid Levine
Interim Communication Chair

Communication Team

The Communication Team ensures Givat Shmuel Anglos are kept informed. The team writes and updates news items, how-to articles, and maintains the only Anglo business directory in the area. They also both facilitate conversation between various groups and helps newcomers, via email, Facebook, and even over the phone.