The GSC is run entirely by volunteers, each one driven to improving the lives of English-speakers in Givat Shmuel and furthering the organization's mission. Volunteers are self-organized into "committees", or action groups focused on a specific facet of community life.


Executive Chair

David Berger

David Berger is originally from Los Angeles and currently works as a psychologist in private practice in Tel Aviv. He has a doctorate in clinical psychology from St. John’s University and rabbinical ordination from YU/RIETS.


Board Secretary

Dovid Levine

Longtime volunteer and one of the original founders of the GSC, Dovid has been working to help Olim for over a decade. Originally from New Jersey, he's been in Givat Shmuel since 2009, and is excited to keep watching the community grow and evolve.


Communication Chair

Zahava Wesfield

Zahava is a marketing content writer at a hi-tech startup in Tel Aviv. She first moved to Givat Shmuel as a Bar Ilan student and has now built a home here with her husband and daughter. She is passionate about building a thriving olim community in Givat Shmuel.


Social Chair

Yael Tokayer

An urban planner by profession, Yael recently moved to givat shmuel from Cyprus where she managed the Jewish Community of Nicosia. As a daughter to olim, and married to an oleh chadash, Yael is invested in making all olim feel at home in Israel.



Eli Lehman

Eli is a tax accountant at EY in Tel Aviv. Originally from Monsey, NY, he made Aliyah straight to Givat Shmuel after graduating from YU. He looks forward to helping build a strong religious and vibrant community.