Shavei Tzion

The Givat Shmuel Community Shul

Shavei Tzion - Givat Shmuel Community Shul LogoShavei Tzion - The Givat Shmuel Community Shul is a place for the olim of Givat Shmuel to come together to pray, socialize and celebrate happy occasions. It is meant to serve not only as a center for religious and spiritual fulfillment, but as the heart of a community whose members grew up with synagogues that stood at the very core of their neighborhoods abroad.


Shavei Tzion attracts members of all walks of life from university students to growing families. We encourage people from all backgrounds, whether foreign or Israeli, to join our weekly tefilot.


  • Weekly Friday night and Shabbat minyanim
  • Holiday tefilot
  • Kids playgroups and Tefilat Yeladim
  • Weekly potluck kiddushes, and monthly sponsored kiddushes for those celebrating smachot

If you haven’t yet had the pleasure of joining us for Shabbat, stop by, introduce yourself and make sure to grab some herring. If you’ve been a steadfast attendee, thank you for your continued support - each and every person who prays with us is another testament to the strength of a community that has for so long served as a tremendous source of comfort and stability for those navigating the often unsettling first stages of acclimating to their new lives in Israel. 

 ~ Shabbat Times ~


Minyan Times

Mincha Friday Night: 6 min. after Candlelighting
Shacharit: 9:00AM
Followed by Kiddush

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(50 nis per person, 100 per family)