Minyan Signup Form

To reserve spots for yourself and your family at the minyan, please fill out the following form.

About the Minyan

Starting 19 June (and until further notice), Shavei Tzion will be holding both Friday night and Shabbat Day minyanim in the courtyard behind Menachem Begin 9.

We're taking COVID-19 seriously, and our minyan will be strictly adhering to all Misrad HaBriut (MoH) guidelines, and will be enforcing mask wearing and social distancing, as well as maintaining a maximum crowd size of 20 people.
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While everyone is invited, space will be prioritized for Shavei Tzion members. You must be over Bar/Bat Mitzvah age to attend.

26-27 June - Parshat Balak

Friday Night: 19.30
Shabbat Morning: 9.00
Location: Menachem Begin 9, Courtyard, Givat Shmuel

Tefilat Yiladim

There will be no Tefilat Yiladim this week.

COVID19 Guidelines

Corona Coordinator

This Shabbat, Mordechai Koppel will be present and in charge of ensuring all health guidelines and requirements are followed and enforced. We ask that you respectfully any directions s/he may give during the minyan.

Minyan Guidelines

  1. Be cautious. If you or someone in your home is sick, stay home! Similarly, people at high medical risk are advised not to attend.
  2. Sign up in advance. Attendance is limited to 20 people. If you do not fill out the form, you will not be allowed to participate.
    Note: a separate form is needed for each family member planning to attend.
  3. Wear a mask. All attendees are required to wear a mask that covers their mouth and nose at all times.
  4. BYOS. We will not be providing siddurim, chumashim, talitot, or any other religious items, so make sure to bring your own.
    Similarly, only shul members appointed in advance will be permitted to lead tefilot, read the Torah, and touch any communal religious items.
  5. Distance yourself. All attendees must keep a minimum person-to-person distance of 2 meters. If you notice someone is coughing or sneezing, you should move farther.
  6. No touching. Please avoid shaking hands, or otherwise coming into physical contact with others in attendance. We also suggest you refrain from touching or placing your personal belongings on shared surfaces, or touching your face.
  7. Avoid eating and drinking. It's recommended to refrain from eating or drinking during services. If you must, we suggest you exit the minyan to do so.
  8. Sanitize. We recommend you bring alcogel and sanitize your hands when entering and leaving the Minyan. If it's available, please wash your hands with soap and water.

Thank you for your compliance. For further information please consult the Ministry of Health Coronavirus Guidelines, or contact us.