Want to make a difference?

Join The GSC and help inprove the lives of hundreds of lone olim.

Development Professional

Because you want to empower our community by connecting people to the important work we do and raising vital funds for our success.

(Paid Position)

Social Chair

Because you are passionate about bringing people together, and value the important role of community in successful Aliyah.

(Board Position)

Chesed Chair

Because you believe that the best way to help ourselves is by helping each other, and for a community to grow up, it neads to reach out.

(Board Position)

Non-profit Treasurer

Because you have a head for numbers and are good with money, and know the better it's managed, the more good it can do.

(Board Position)

Volunteer Coordinator

Because you are organized, and believe some organizational skills are all it takes to help people - and Givat Shmuel - reach their full potential.

(Board Position)

Head of Communication

Because you know that knowledge is power, know how to reach people, and want to share our mission and resources with everyone.

(Board Position)

Torah Chair

Because you are an authentic Jewish role model with a passion for building relationships and bringing Jewish content to the community.

(Board Position)

Social Media Manager

Because you believe online communities are as important as physical ones, and understand how vital it is to 'connect' to each other.

(Volunteer Position)

Committee Volunteer

Because you care about the community in Givat Shmuel, have some free time on your hands, and want to give back to the community who's helped you thrive.