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HaMerkazi Synagogue

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Ha-Rav Me'ir Bar Ilan Street 21, Giv'at Shmuel
21 Ha-Rav Me'ir Bar Ilan Street Giv'at Shmuel Center District IL
Tefillin Strap Adjustment; Tefillin Gemach; Mezuzah Gemach; Tefillin & Mezuzah Check
Office Hours

Tefillin Strap Adjustment

S-Th: 8:00-11:00

Weekday Tefilot
Shacharit S, T, W, F Shacharit M, Th Shacharit Rosh Chodesh Mincha Maariv
6:00; 7:00; 8:00 5:50; 7:00; 8:00 6:00; 7:00; 8:00 15 min. before Sunset; Winter: 12:45; Summer: 16:45 25 min. after Sunset
Shabbat Tefilot
Mincha Erev Shabbat Shacharit Mincha Gedolah Mincha Ketana
15 min. after Candlelighting 8:15 Winter: 12:30; 13:30; Summer: 13:30 Candlelighting