Over 1300 lone immigrants from around the world call Givat Shmuel their home.
And with your support, they will stay here.

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Olim have it hard all year round, but before the Holidays, you have the unique ability to make a difference.

With over 60% of lone olim - students, soldiers, professionals, and young couples who immigrate to Israel without their families - returning to their countries of origin within 3 years, Givat Shmuel is an oasis of successful Aliyah. At the GSC, we understand what it takes to stay here, and the importance of community.


A grassroots nonprofit operating on a shoestring budget, we know how much more can be done, and we need your help to do it.

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  • 250+

    Events scheduled for this year.

  • 1900+

    Help requests we've received in 2018.

  • 437

    Expected new community members between June - October.

  • 93%

    Of Givat Shmuel Olim remain in Israel long-term.

The Givat Shmuel Community Needs Your Help 1

Israel's #1 community of students, soldiers, professionals, young families, and other lone olim.