Join us in shaping the future of Givat Shmuel and cast your vote in the 2021 Nonprofit Elections!

Founded in 2013, the GSC - Givat Shmuel Community is an award winning, grassroots nonprofit that serves to help local English-speakers acclimate and thrive. Now, it's time to elect our new Executive Board!

As follows is all the pertinent information regarding the 2021 election cycle. Please check back often for updates.

If you have any questions please contact Dovid Levine at

Last updated: 21 November 2021 @ 9:00


Applications Open

Want to use your talents and ideas to benefit Givat Shmuel olim? Submit your candidacy by December 8th.

At a glance

On December 22nd, 2021, The GSC - Givat Shmuel Community (R.A.) will be holding elections for its Executive Board. Anyone can run as a candidate and all nonprofit members may vote.

This year, voting will take place via an anonymous online form, sent to your email. Early voting will begin at 21:30 on December 21st.

The election event itself will take place via zoom on December 22nd @ 20.30 (Details TBA). Voting will close at 21:30, with the results announced immediate thereafter.

Who can vote

All active members of the nonprofit.

Apply for membership >

Who can run

Anyone in the community.

Deadline: 8 Dec 2021 @ 23:59.

Submit your candidacy >

How to vote

Voting will take place via a verified link sent to your email.

Its easy and anonymous.

Election Timeline

8 December 2021 @ 23:39

Application deadline

21 December 2021 @ 21:30

Early voting begins

22 December 2021

20:30 - Election event (Zoom)
21:30 - Voting closes

1 January 2022

New board inaugurated

Role Descriptions & Responsibilities

The following board positions are up for election. Submit your candidacy by December 8th >

Executive Chair

The public face of the nonprofit. Oversees all of the nonprofit's activities, include the Board, committees, fundraising, and volunteer recruitment.

Board Secretary

Keeps the nonprofit running smoothly. Manages all record keeping, and tracks all nonprofit events, activities, and administrative deadlines.


Follows the money. Tracks the nonprofit's funds and budgets, manages the financial records, and handles payments, receipts, and expense reimbursement.

Communication Chair

Spreads the message. Publicizes events and coordinates the creation and marketing of promotional/informational materials.

"Action Committee" Chairs

Gets things done. Manages volunteers and activities around specific community needs.

In 2021, there are three positions available:

  • Events Chair - Manages the Events Committee, which focuses on general community events and activities.
  • Torah Chair - Manages the Torah Committee, which focuses on community events and activities with a Torah component.
  • Welcoming Chair - Manages the Welcoming committee, which focuses on events and activities targeting new community members.