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An Israeli Wedding: How one can get married in Israel

Ramat Gan Olim Department
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An Israeli Wedding: A lecture on the ways one can get married in Israel

This lecture has been given to hundred of couples across the country that are in the process of deciding how they want to get married and what their rights are.

To RSVP: https://goo.gl/forms/36nf48zHKXgcwJVS2

Who is this lecture for?
– Every couple that wants to formalize their relationship
– For those who want to know about laws and rights of marriage / divorce in Israel
– Those that have lived in Israel a long time and for those who have just arrived that want to understand about their rights (and the rights of their children)
– For anyone who is about to get married and does not know enough about this issue (and their worried parents).

What is the lecture about?
– Facts that will surprise you about marriage in Israel
– All the options for formal recognition of couples in Israel
– What are options for Israeli citizens whose parents are Jewish.
– How does a common-law institution work in Israel and what will be the legal status of the children?
– How to protect yourself legally in case of divorce in the Rabinut?
(Yes, yes, even if you did not get married via the Rabinut or married in Prague or Cyprus)
– What to say to parents who insist on a wedding “like everyone else” via the Rabbinut
– Is it obligatory that only a rabbi should marry and what is written about it in Jewish sources?
– And more

Who is giving the lecture?
Sasha Klyachkina – manager of ceremonies at Chavaya – Tekes Yisraeli, educator and group facilitator with extensive experience in non-formal Jewish education in Israel and around the world.

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