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Family Chanuka Tiyul 1

Family Chanuka Tiyul

‎החווה של חוה‎
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Join Shavei Zion: The Givat Shmuel Community Shul for a Chanuka Family trip, sponsored by Iriyat Givat Shmuel and Misrad Haklital!

When: Sunday 29.12.2019 (a day off for many ganim!)
What: A day of fun for the whole family at החווה של חווה, where you can walk through the on-grounds museum of the charedi chalutzim, pet the animals, take an exciting train ride, ride donkeys and participate in a Chanuka olive oil making workshop.
Bus departure time: 10 AM (Leaving farm at 3 PM)
Fee: 15 for adults and children over the age of 2.

Sign up: https://forms.gle/c2AxFrCFGrJQ151X9
Pay: https://pb-idb-prod-web.payboxapp.com/?v=j&g=5dda7b749cd7c80016e2081c&_branch_match_id=517571858964487114#/

*Tiyul is weather permitting and all payments will be returned should we need to cancel.
*Space on the bus is limited so please sign up as soon as possible. *Those who wish to drive separately are free to meet us at Kibbutz Chafetz Chaim, but must still sign up and pay the fee.

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