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NBN Pesach Tiyul & BBQ for Young Olim, Israelis and Tourists

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Join us for this year’s annual Pesach Tiyul for Young Olim, Internationals and Israelis. We will be providing buses from Givat Shmuel, Tel Aviv and Jerusalem. We’ll be hiking in the Shfeila region led by English speaking guides. This year we’re offering two hikes – an “easy” and a “hard” hike. After the hikes, we will have a catered meat lunch in the area with some refreshing wine.

Registration required here – https://events.nbn.org.il/Event.aspx?id=-693805568


9:00: Buses leave Tel Aviv and Givat Shmuel

9:30: Buses leave Jerusalem

10:00: Light breakfast snacks and meetup with other buses at Khirbet Hanoot(חורבת חנות)

10:30: Two hike options (Easy + Challenging).

Easy hike details: A short circular route from Khirbet Hanoot to Ein Mata and Hirbet Tanur. The hike will finish in Ein Mata and then we will take the bus to Bar beHar.

Hard hike details: We’ll hike from Khirbet Hanoot to Ein Ozen and Bar beHar.

13:30: Catered meat meal in the picnic area at the end of the hike at Bar beHar (בר בהר). Those on the hard hike will take a bus to the lunch location.

15:30: Buses depart for Tel Aviv, Jerusalem and Givat Shmuel

Cost: 60 NIS. Please pay via paypal or cash. We will only issue refunds if you cancel up to 48 hours before the tiyul.

Please make sure to bring good walking shoes, snacks, tons of water, a hat, and camera.

Bus meeting locations:

Tel Aviv – Arlozorov Train Station. Please meet at the entrance to the train station.

Jerusalem – Inbal Hotel

Givat Shmuel – Bar Ilan main gate across from the Aroma

The guides, medic, guard, and the entire BBQ are being provided by the Kfar Etzion Field School.

All of the meat and chicken for the BBQ is mehadrin.

This Tiyul is for Olim, Internationals and Israelis in their 20’s and 30’s.

We are limited to 150 registrants for this tiyul. First come, first serve. Make sure to sign up before we fill up!

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