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One-Stop Aliyah Shop!

Ramat Gan Olim Department
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Are you thinking of making Aliyah, just made aliyah, or are in your first 10 years post Aliyah? If yes, come to our “One-Stop-Aliyah Shop”, co-hosted with Misrad HaKlitah to learn about which services, rights, and benefits are available to you!

To RSVP: http://bit.ly/Aliyah_Fair

There will be booths from:
* Klita Advisers from Misrad HaKlita: they will be able to log into the system and check which benefits you still qualify for and how to use them!
* Lone Soldier and Army Draft: learn about what assistance Lone Soldiers who are also Olim receive
* Ma’of and Ma’ti: they will be able to answer questions about employment and starting your own business and what support you can receive from Misrad HaKlita
* Bituach Leumi: learn about services Bituach Leumi offers
* Minhal HaStudentim: thinking about studying in Israel? Stop by their booth and learn all about the variety of programs they run to help integrate Olim into the system of higher education in Israel.

Come and have all of your Aliyah questions answered in one place!

If you have any questions, be in touch with Elisheva – elisheva-a@ramat-gan.muni.il; 03-7408898

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