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This event is FREE OF CHARGE.

Since we’re celebrating America’s awesome takeover of Indian land (or something like that…), and giving thanks to the great American heroes (such as Angelina Jolie, Dovid Levine, Antoine Dodson, and many many more) please come dressed as AMERICAN as you possibly can. Whatever that means to you. Creativity points count!

Dinner is POTLUCK- if you have any preference of what you’d like to bring, please let us know, or else we’ll just let you know what we need. All dishes must be pareve or meat. And it must taste good. And it must be Kosher.

REGISTER ASAP – email us at biuanglos.agudah@gmail.com and don’t forget to write your full name and phone number!

Please note that registration for the meal will close on Monday, November 21st.

Interested in helping out? Email us! We’re looking for a couple of motivated individuals to take charge of decorating the room.

See you soon!!

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