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The Givat Shmuel Community Sukkah – 5778

GSC House
  • This event has passed.

‘Tis the season! Join us this chag at the Givat Shmuel Community Sukkah!

We’ll be hosting Potluck meals for both Shabbat and Chag (signup forms to be posted soon), Seudat Shlishit on Shabbat Chol Hamoed, a Simchat Torah Kiddush, and (likely) a Chol Hamoed Barbeque!

The Sukkah will also be open to anyone in the community who needs one every day between 9:30-20:30, and there will be a stocked פינת קפה, some free snacks (iyh), and a lulav/etrog for those who need to get their shake on!

More details to be announced soon!

(PS: if you are interested in sponsoring any of the above לעילוי נשמת or just out of the goodness of your heart, please PM Dovid Levine or GSC House!)

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