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Torah & Cholent CHABURAHS!

Kollel – Bar-Ilan University
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Torah & Cholent is BACK and better than ever!

An awesome way to kick off the new semester — with chaburahs given by many holy members of our very own Givat Shmuel community!

You don’t want to miss this Sunday night!! See you all there!!

Shiurs will be given by:
Matis Goldmeir — “Self-Driving Cars and the Trolley Problem in Jewish Thought”
Ezra Schwartz — “Can we live on spirituality alone: Rashbi’s view on physicality”
Efroni Schlesinger — “Who cares what the Rabbis said: What was the prerogative of those who shaped our religion to do so?”
Aviyah Atkin — “a deeper look at Birkot Hashachar”
Massye Kestenbaum — “Halachot and Perspectives of Kriyat Shema Al Hamita”

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