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Torah & Cholent With Rav Yuval Cherlow! Topic- Organ Donation

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First Sunday night shiur of the semester with guest speaker Rav Yuval Cherlow!

“A few months ago one of my patient’s was suffering from depression due to a heart condition which leads to symptoms of general weakness, and a struggle to breathe. This patient was grappling with imminent death.

When I returned to the hospital two days later, he had a new heart and was granted the blessing of life. Unfortunately a complete stranger had a horse back riding accident, but he and his family had decided he would be an organ donor and he saved my patient’s life.

Many Rabbinic authorities are vehemently opposed to the donation of organs, out of fear of Halachikly killing a person, a severe sin according to Torah law. Should we allow our organs to be donated if God forbid this potential situation arises, and grant others the blessing of life, or is this forbidden? I encourage all of us (myself included) to take a position on the matter. If we conclude that its forbidden, then clearly we should choose not to be organ donors. But I challenge everyone to TAKE A POSITION on the matter. If you believe its mutar, you have the potential to grant others the blessing of life. Either way, come hear about the halachik discussion.

This will be the first of many shiuruim which will take place every Sunday night in the Midrasha in Bar Ilan. I invite all of you to join us on a weekly basis, or come and go as you please.

Cholent will be served at 7:30, followed by a seder limud with daf mekorot, shiur at 8:15, and Maariv at 9:00. Looking forward to seeing you there! ”


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