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Tu BiShvat Blood Drive & Fruit Fondue! with Olim Ve’Tormim

Beit Knesset Zachor l’Avraham Zvulun Hamer 2 Givat Shmuel
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Join Olim VeTormim and The GSC – Givat Shmuel Community for an Erev Tu BiShvat blood drive!

Come and join your friends, save lives, and have a great time!
Tu’Beshvat Fruit themed refreshments will be served for those who attend.
There will be a smoothie machine, fondue stand, and a make-your-own fruit salad bar!
Pizza will also be sold for those interested.

In addition, there will be a station set up to write cards for children in Tel HaShomer Hospital.

For those who wish to donate blood, please review the requirements below:

1. You must weigh over 110 pounds
2. You will have your blood pressure taken (must be between 100/60 and 160/90
3. Your hemoglobin levels will be measured ( must over 12)
4. There are limitations if you are on medication, pregnant or six months after pregnancy

Olim VeTormim aims to encourage people who have made Aliya to donate blood, collectively making a major contribution to Israeli society. To find out more on the organization, check out their Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/olimvetormim/

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