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Mazal Tov on surviving finals time! You’ve been studying around the clock, in the same old sweatpants, living on only instant coffee and pasta, but now —


Throw those sweats in the laundry and put on your dancing (errr Shabbat) shoes, we’re going to remind you that you had a social life before all of this moed aleph stuff!

Join us on March 4th (Parashat Shekalim-Pekudei) for a joint ESCape-Tzevet Klita community shabbaton. We’ll all be eating together Friday night, followed by an oneg shabbat. We’ll meet up again for Seuda Shlishit on Saturday.

But what about lunch? Great question!

This year, Yavne Olami won’t be throwing their annual Bar-Ilan shabbaton for prospective students. So we’re going to do it instead! Students interested in checking out Bar-Ilan are invited to join the community for the shabbaton. They’ll experience Friday night Shabbat dinner as part of the BIU Anglo community, get to socialize at our awesome oneg shabbat and seuda shlishit, and be set up at more intimate meals for lunch.

The shabbaton will cost 35 shekel.

If you’d like to join us for an amazing shabbat experience, you’ll need to register and pay by MARCH 1ST (no exceptions! This is only way that we can make sure that we have enough space and food for everyone). You can do this by sending an email to Rachel Sarafraz at RaeSarafraz@gmail.com.

If you’d like to host prospective students in your dorm/apartment for Shabbat lunch, or would like to provide sleeping arrangements for them, please send an email to Rachel Sarafraz at RaeSarafraz@gmail.com.
We encourage you to spread the word about the shabbaton to anyone who might be interested in checking out BIU.

Looking forward to an amazing Shabbat!

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