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Ahhhh it’s that time of the year again – the weather is getting a tiny bit less humid, the mosquitoes are starting to let up, and the bottle-collecting lady at Bar-Ilan is picking up her pace. The new school year is about to start and with it, our annual ESCape-Agudat HaStudentim Welcome to Bar-Ilan Shabbaton!

This shabbaton is both a great chance for second and third (and fourth and fifth) year students to reunite, as well as an introduction to our community for the new incoming students.

We have LIMITED SPOTS AVAILABLE, as the Shabbaton meals will take place in the Kollel building due to renovations being done in the Aguda. First come, first serve.


Friday night

Tefilla followed by a communal meal for the whole community, oneg Shabbat and a short shiur Torah.


Shacharit (followed by Lishkat HaRav’s kiddush in the same building)

Lunch – In order to allow the incoming students to mingle on a smaller and more intimate scale, we’ll be organizing their lunch meal by students in the community who are interested in hosting. We will not be setting up second and third year students – we expect you to feel familiar enough with the community to find the most comfortable meal for yourselves. We will publish a list of the students hosting meals for first-years, we encourage you to join those meals and get to know our new students (of course with the host’s permission).


Seuda Shlishit – we’ll regroup for a light meal, divrei Torah and singing.

Ma’ariv and havdalah-

Cost: 35 shekel a student.

Registration: closes on Tuesday, November 8th (no exceptions), although we expect to sell out before then. So if you’d like to participate, we urge you to sign up as quickly as possible. Also please be aware that you do not need to be officially registered in order to host or be hosted for lunch.

How to register and/or host a meal:

Send a Facebook message to Bar-Ilan (user, not group) or an email to one of the organizers (info below) with the following information:

Year of studies
Phone number and email address
For lunch, would like to host/be hosted?

We will then contact you about payment. Please note that registration is not complete until you have paid.

Rachel Sarafraz: RaeSarafraz@gmail.com
Shev Zacks: ShevZacks@gmail.com

*This shabbaton will only be possible with community help. Contact us if you’re interested in helping out.

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