Driving in Israel is similar to driving in most western countries, and Israel will even let you use for foreign driver’s license for a time. Tourists and Olim Chadashim can even convert their foreign driver’s license, skipping the theory test and many driving lessons required for Israeli drivers.

Renewal \ Replacement

Drivers Licence Renewal / Replacement

Each driver’s licence comes with a printed expiration date, usually for ten years.

Around one month before your license is set to expire, you will receive a temporary license and payment slip in the mail, to be paid at any bank, or online. Once paid, a new license should be mailed to you, and arrive within thirty days of payment.

If you did not receive a temporary licence in the mail, you can call the Ministry of Transportation to request a new one.

Lost or Stolen Licenses

If your license was lost or stolen, you can order one by calling the Ministry of Transportation, or get a replacement at a local Misrad Harishui.

Foreign Licenses
License Conversion
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Note: Driver License Conversion is only on Mondays and Wednesdays.