Getting a Visa

If you are planning on living in Israel – short-term or long – without making Aliyah, you need to get an Israeli Visa.
Israel has an exemption agreement with many countries granting visitors a 90-day automatic visa from when they enter the country. Click here to see the country requirements for tourist visas. If you are planning on staying longer than that, you will need to get a Work (B-1), Tourist (B-2), Temporary Resident (A-1) or Student Visa (A-2)

Tourist Visa

Tourist (B-2) Visa

A B-2 visa is valid for up to three months, but can be extended for up to 24 months, depending on the circumstances. If you are on a Tourist visa, you are not allowed to work in Israel.

What You Need to Bring

  • The original and photocopy of your passport or travel document that is valid for six months beyond the period of stay in Israel.
  • A completed entry visa application.
  • Proof of sufficient financial means for the visit to Israel.
  • Order for round-trip airline tickets to and from Israel.
  • Two passport pictures.
  • Cost: 90NIS.
Student Visa
Work Visa
Temporary Resident Visa