Paying Utilities

Pay your utilities from the comfort of your own home!

Just visit, and you can pay your bills – from Arnona and Water to Parking Tickets – online using your credit card. Best of all, you pay no commission!



Arnona – municipality tax – is bimonthly, and usually included with the water bill. Your Arnona bill is determined based on the size of your apartment.

Olim Chadashim are offered a 90% discount on Arnona, on up to 100 square meters of their apartment, for a full year during the first two years of Aliyah. Lone soldiers are given a 70% discount (90% if they live in an apartment with 5 or more residents), until four months after their army service.

These discounts are applied based on the amount of people with whom they share the Arnona bill. As such, it is important to consider the implications of adding roommates to the Arnona bill.

As of 2014, university students in Givat Shmuel are not eligible for Arnona discounts

How to switch your water/ Arnona bill to your name:

  1. Gather your contract, sublet agreements (if relevant), and copies of everyone’s Teudat Zehut and Sefach.
  2. When applying for an Arnona discount:
    1. Olim Chadashim should bring their Teudat Oleh.
    2. Lone Soldiers should bring copies of their Ishur Chayal B’Sadir, and Ishur Chayal Boded.
  3. Visit the Collection Department (מחלקת גבייה) at the Givat Shmuel Municipality.

To be registered on the water / Arnona bill, your name must appear on the contract or sublet agreement. In addition, you must have updated your Teudat Zehut’s Sefach to your current address.