Finals time is often a stressful period – not just at Bar-Ilan University. Below is everything you need to know about taking exams in BIU, such as test dates, receiving and challenging grades, special benefits, and more!

General Information

General Information About Final Exams

Most courses in Bar-Ilan University require students to take a final exam. Exams are spread out over semester intersession.

Students are eligible to take each exam twice, with the first test date (Moed Aleph) offered shortly after the end of the semester, and the second (Moed Bet), offered adjacent to the following semester/ academic year. In certain circumstances, an extra test date (Moed Miyuchad / Moed Ishi) may also be made available.

Exams are written either by the teacher or the department for a specific course group. Even if the department establishes a course-wide exam, students may only take the exam with their group, unless they obtain special permission from Mador Status.

The structure of the exam, and as well as its weight on your final exam are listed in the course syllabus. Only with agreement by all students may this be changed.

Exam Dates and Locations

Preliminary exam dates are usually publicized on Inbar during course registration before the start of the semester, but may be subject to change. Once the semester begins, the department may only change a Moed Aleph exam date with 80% student approval during Tkufat Shinuyim, and 100% student approval thereafter. No changes to exam dates may be made during the last two weeks of the semester. At any point in time, you can view your exam schedule on Inbar (Bchinot / Tzinuyim > Luach Bchinot - Student).

Exam locations are publicized to Inbar 3 days before the exam, and you may also receive an email. It’s good practice to recheck your exam location on the day of the test, to ensure it hasn’t been moved to a different room.

What to Bring

BIU students should make sure to bring the following to all of their exam:

  • Valid Photo ID (Student ID, Teudat Zehut, Driver’s License)
  • Pens – blue or black. Red pens, pencils, markers, or highlighters are not allowed to be used on exam booklets.
  • Calculator (if necessary) and Spare Batteries. Keep in mind, anything other than the standard scientific calculator (e.g. graphing or financial calculators), may not be used on the test, although not all proctors are aware of the difference. If you do decide to bring a special calculator, our advice is to have a spare scientific one in your bag. If the proctor tells you something on inspection, feign “aliyah ignorance”, and replace it with your backup.
  • A Hebrew-English Dictionary (with Ishur). 
  • Other Miscellaneous Ishurim
    While not required, students are suggested to print out and bring both their Ishur Knisa Lbchina (Inbar > Ishurim / Tfasim L'lo Tashlum > Hafakat Mismachim), as well as pick up an authorization that declares them eligible for extra test time as an oleh or foreign student from the Moravut Chevratit office.

Arriving Late / Leaving Early

Students may arrive up to 30 minutes after the start of the exam, after which, they will not be allowed to take the test. Note: this does not count as a “fail.”

Similarly, students who take the exam and finish early, will not be able to hand in their test and leave, until these 30 minutes have passed.

Students who show up to take an exam and get cold feet, may choose to leave so long as they have not yet received the exam itself. Once they have been given the test, leaving without answering any questions will earn you a failing grade.

Delayed Exams

In the event the exam does not begin on time, students are required to wait for one hour from the publicized exam time. After one hour, the proctor will take the attendance of the students present, and the situation will be handled by the department.

Bathroom Breaks

Students are allowed to take a bathroom break, so long as they are escorted by a proctor. Bathroom breaks will not be given during the first 45 and last 30 minutes of the exam.

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