Hebrew and Ulpan

In order to graduate from Bar-Ilan University, students are required to achieve a fluency in Hebrew comprehension. The requirements differ for Israeli students and Olim Chadashim.

Israeli Students

Israeli Students – Academic Writing

Israeli students are required complete a course in Hebrew Comprehension – Academic Writing by the end of their second year, and will not be able to sign up for second year classes if they have not registered for the class. Graduation from Bar-Ilan is dependent on passing this course.

The Hebrew Comprehension – Academic Writing course meets for four academic hours per week for the duration of a semester.


In the following circumstances, students are exempt from taking Bar-Ilan’s Hebrew Comprehension – Academic Writing course:

  1. Students with a 76 or above on their Hebrew Comprehension Bagrut (2 Yechidot – Israeli school, 5 Yechidot – Arabic or Druze school).
  2. Students with a 60 or above in a Hebrew Comprehension or Scientific Writing course from a different Israeli university, worth 4 academic credits.
  3. Students with a 66 or above in a Hebrew Comprehension course from one of Bar-Ilan University’s Pre-academic Mechina programs.
  4. Students with a 76 or above in a Hebrew Comprehension course from a different Israeli university’s Pre-academic Mechina program.
  5. Students who graduated from an Arabic-language high school and received a 132 or above on the Yae”l Exam.
  6. Students who receive a 66 or above on the Hebrew Comprehension Exemption Exam.

Hebrew Comprehension Exemption Exam

Before starting your first year, you may take an exam to exempt you from your Hebrew Comprehension requirements. The exam is comprised of two sections: Language and Grammar, and an Essay.

To pass the exam, you must get at least 66%. You may only take the exam once.

There are usually four exams per year, and registration is handled by the Academic Comprehension and Ulpan Unit, one month before the exam date. The department also puts out an information packet which includes study topics.

As of March 2016, the cost for the Hebrew Comprehension Exemption Exam is 120 NIS.

Foreign Students