In Bar-Ilan University, students register for their entire year’s classes before the start of the first semester. They are then given a period at the beginning of each semester to change their schedule.

In order to register for classes in Bar-Ilan University, students must pay their first tuition payment to BIU no later than two weeks before class registration begins.

Course registration is done online via Inbar, and every student is assigned a time slot during which they may log in and sign up for classes. In some cases, students can request from a department administrator to register them for a specific course.

Choosing Classes

Choosing Classes

Before registering for courses, it is highly suggested that you plan out what classes you want to take. This will help ensure that you get the schedule you want, instead of wasting time searching for alternatives while the registration fill up. You can see a list of all class options at Priel – תכנון המערכת האידיאלית.

To be prepared, take the following steps:

  1. Plan out your required courses.

    Check with your department to get a list of all required courses for the year. Map out all your options for each class, and get teacher suggestions from other students in your department.

  2. Fill the rest of your schedule with Basic Judaic Studies and General Electives.

    Figure out how many more Basic Judaic Studies and General Electives classes you need to graduate, and decide how many you want to take this year. Consult the list of Course/Teacher suggestions, look up when they’re being offered, and pencil them in. It’s a good idea to have a choice of back-ups available just in case the class you want turns out to be full.

  3. Don’t forget about Ulpan!

    While you’re required to do as many as six levels of Ulpan to graduate, don’t despair if it conflicts with your schedule. The Dean of Student’s Office will help you squeeze it in.

Course Suggestions

Not all classes are created equal, and the teacher you choose can sometimes be the different between an A and an F.

When you can, make sure to find out what other people think of that class before you register. In addition to asking Student Reps from your department, there are a couple of great resources to check as well:

  • The BIU Teacher’s Survey

    At the end of every semester, Bar-Ilan University and the Student Union send out a survey to all the students, asking them to rate their classes. The nature of the survey and the way it’s distributed may cause a bit of a “positive” skew for the results, but it’s the most comprehensive list out there for your Department Requirements.

  • המלצות לקוסרי יהדות/כללים – Facebook Group

    Probably the best collection of Judaic Studies and General Elective class reviews. Between the huge spreadsheet of suggestions (by course and by teacher that people submit every year, and the active community offering up suggestions – use the group search function! – this group will make sure you know exactly what you’re getting yourself into. Even more – it also has a huge set of practices tests and review notes!

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