Bar-Ilan University allows transfer students to have a portion of their credits recognized towards their degree. Transfer credits are authorized by the Status Office, and are granted based on the amount of class-hours required for the course.

There are various criteria that must be met for transfer credits to be recognized, as well as a maximum amount of credits that are allowed to be transferred.

Students transferring credits will be given a partial tuition refund upon graduating from BIU.

Transfer Limits

Transfer Credit Limits

Regardless of the amount of study completed in a previous institution, Bar-Ilan University requires that all students complete a minimum of 22 academic creditswithin the university itself. In addition, any other prerequisites to graduate (eg. English as a Second LanguageUlpanFundamentals of Judaic Studies Exam) still apply.

Furthermore, quotas exist for the different type of credits that may be transferred:

  1. Department Requirements

    Depending on their track, students are required to do a certain number of academic credits within their department at BIU. The minimum required credits per track are as follows:

    • Extended Major: At least 18 of 46 required credits.
    • Major (General): At least 12 of 30 required credits.
    • Unstructured Major: At least 11 of 27 required credits in each major.
    • Structured Major: At least 10 of 25 required credits in each major.

    Transfer credits past this quota will be counted as General Elective credits.

  2. Basic Judaic Studies Requirements

    Students are required to do at least 4 of 10 required credits in Bar-Ilan University. Transfer credits past this quota will be counted as General Elective credits.

  3. General Elective Requirements

    In general, there is no limit to the amount of General Elective credits one is able to transfer, and transfers that surpass the quotas of other required credit types will be automatically counted as General Elective credits. However, non-Jewish students who are required to take General Elective classes in place of Basic Judaic Studies must take a minimum of 6 required credits within Bar-Ilan University.

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