With the exception of special programs, tuition in Israel is set by the government. In addition to base tuition, students are required to pay yearly insurance fees and the like, and some students might need to pay for “accidentals” (e.g. cancelling course registration, signing up for a make-up exam, courses beyond the requirements, etc.). Tuition payments are made throughout the year, and lack of payment will prevent students from registering for classes or taking exams.

Note: All costs given are tied to inflation (צמוד למדד), on the day of payment.

Tuition & Fees

Tuition Costs & Other Fees


As of April 2015, the Israeli government set the yearly tuition at 13,821 NIS. In reality, due to government subsidies for Israeli students, and different curricula across departments, most students end up paying a dramatically different number.

Instead of giving students a cost-per-credit amount Bar-Ilan University uses a confusing “yearly average percentage” system.
As such, tuition costs for Israeli students are as follows:

StudentAverage Tuition (100%)Cost per credit
Israeli Students10,228 NIS479.44 NIS
Foreign Students, or recipients of government/work scholarships (not Minhal Hastudentim)13,821 NIS647.86 NIS

Students earning a Teacher’s Certificate are required to pay half of the yearly tuition, for the duration of two years. If they are earning their teacher certificate along with another degree, students must pay 10% extra for each class required for the certificate (Bachelor students must pay for an extra year).

Welfare (שירותי רווחה) & Security Fee

Students are automatically charged an “Association Fee” (שירותי רווחה,) at the beginning of the year, which grants them membership to the Agudat Hastudentim – Student Union, and all the benefits it entails. As of 2015, the Association Fee is 325 NIS.

If you choose not to be an Agudah member and wish to receive an exemption from this payment, you must submit a written request to the Tuition Department before registering for classes.

There is also 451 NIS Security Fee.

Late Fees

Failure to make tuition payments by their due date will cause students to incur a late fee equal to 0.167% of the amount due for each week the payment is late.

Assorted Fees

There are various other fees that students may be charged for during the year (eg. cancelling a class, dormitories, etc). These fees are added to your tuition bill. Lack of payment of these additional will result in the same limitations (not being able to sign up for classes, take exams, or graduate), as tuition.

Meida Ishi – Account Status

At any time, students can check how much money they owe / have paid to BIU, by going to Meida Ishsi L’Student and clicking on מצב חשבון שכ”ל.

For a detailed translation of the Meida Ishi – Account Status page, view the image below:

Payment Dates
Bldg. 404, Room 10, Bar-Ilan University
Office Hours

S,T: 10:00-14:00
M,Th: 8:30-12:30