The majority of undergraduate students in Bar-Ilan University need to complete three academic years of study, as determined by academic credit. Each hour of weekly instruction (lectures, recitations, labs, or seminars) per semester equals 1 academic credit.

Law students must complete 3.5 years of study, and Optometry and Engineering degrees take 4 years.


Old (Pre-2016) Requirements

Students who began their studies before October 2016 are required to complete the following:

  1. Complete at least 64 academic credits.

    The actual amount of credits you are required to take is based on your department. The break down is as follows:

    1. Department Requirements

      • Major – 30 credits (approx).
      • Minor – 16 credits (approx).
      • Extended Major (in place of a Major + Minor) – 46 credits (approx).
      • Structured Double Major – 25 credits (approx) each – 50 credits (approx).
      • Unstructured Double Major – 27 credits (approx) each – 54 credits (approx).

      In the case of Law, Biology, Optometry, and Engineering, other credit requirements apply. Regardless, it is a good idea to check your actual requirements for your specific track with your department.

    2. Basic Judaic Studies Requirements

      Jewish students must take 14 Basic Judaic Studies credits spread over a variety of topics. Non-Jews are exempt from this requirement and may take the same amount of General Elective classes instead. For more information see below.

    3. General Electives

      Students must take 2-4 General Elective credits, chosen from any of Bar-Ilan’s thousand of course offerings. Those with a Double Major, are usually exempt from this requirement. For more information see below.

  2. Pass the Fundamentals of Judaism Exam

    This requirement is only for those required to take Judaic Studies courses, who began their studies before 2015. In addition, full-time students in the Midrasha or Kollel programs are exempt.

  3. Reach a Hebrew Fluency Level

    Israeli students must take several classes in Hebrew composition and comprehension. Tourists and Olim Chadashim who have been in the country under seven years, must take Ulpan. Click here to find about more about Hebrew and Ulpan requirements.

  4. Reach an English as a Second Language (ESL) Fluency Level

    Foreign students who studied in an institution where English was the primary level of instruction are exempt from this requirement. Click here for more information about ESL requirements.

Current Requirements