Navigating Bar-Ilan

The GSC Team

Bar-Ilan University’s campus is easy to get lost in. As follows is some information to help you find your way, including gate and shuttle times, on- and off-campus parking, and important offices you’ll likely need to visit.

To see a map of the entire campus, click here.

Important Offices on BIU Campus

With all the hundreds of offices and buildings at Bar-Ilan University, there are several offices that BIU students – especially Olim Chadashim – will need to visit on more than one occasion.

Bar-Ilan Gate Times





Gate 1 – Main Gate (Shar Rechev)
Keren Hayesod, Givat Shmuel
(Near Bldg. 305)
Pedestrian; Automobile 24/7
Gate 2 – Mizrahi Gate (Ramat Ilan)
Keren Hayesod, Givat Shmuel
(Near Bldg. 305)
Pedestrian S-Th: 6:30-22:00
F: 6:30-14:00
Gate 5 – Dekalim Gate (Ramat Ilan)
Max v’Anna Webb, Givat Shmuel
(Near Bldg. 605)
Pedestrian S-Th: 6:30-20:00
F: 6:30-14:00
Gate 10 – Sport Gate
Max v’Anna Webb, Givat Shmuel
(Near Bldg. 1401)
Pedestrian; Automobile S-Th: 6:30-18:00
F: 6:30-14:00
Gate 20 – Music Gate
Jabotinsky, Givat Shmuel
(Near Bldg. 1005)
Pedestrian; Automobile (Exit Only) S-Th: 6:30-20:00
F: 6:30-14:00
Gate 25 – Shlomi Herzog Gate
Herzog, Givat Shmuel
(Near Bldg. 604)
Pedestrian S-Th: 6:30-22:00
F: 6:30-13:00
Shabbat: 15 minutes before candlelighting, 8:00-12:00, 1.5 hours before Shabbat ends.
Gate 30 – Geha Gate
Highway 4
(Near Bldg. 208)

S-Th: 5:00-2:00
F: 5:00-14:00, 22:00-2:00
Shabbat: 22:00-2:00

Gate 40- Ono Gate
Highway 471
(Near Bldg. 301)
Pedestrian S-Th: 6:30-18:00
F: 6:30-12:00

Pedestrians may exit from all gates at all times. All gates are closed to automobiles on Shabbat.

Campus Shuttle

Bar-Ilan University offers an internal shuttle service to get you from one side of campus to the other quickly and free of charge.

Shuttle Hours

S-Th: 7:30-20:00 (Last shuttle leaves station at 19:45)
F: 7:30-13:00 (Last shuttle leaves station at 12:45)

Shuttle Frequency



7:30-8:30 Every 3 Minutes
8:30-9:30 Every 6 Minutes
9:30-10:00 Every 3 Minutes
10:00-11:30 Every 6 Minutes
11:30-12:00 Every 4 Minutes
12:00-13:30 Every 6 Minutes
13:30-14:00 Every 4 Minutes
14:00-15:30 Every 7 Minutes
15:30-16:00 Every 4 Minutes
16:00-17:30 Every 7 Minutes
17:30-18:00 Every 4 Minutes
18:00-19:50 Every 7 Minutes

Station Map

Click here for full map.

BIU Shuttle Map

Bicycle Loan Program

As of 2018, Bar-Ilan’s campus is littered with bright yellow bicycles, which may be rented by anyone.

To borrow one of the bikes, you must:

  1. Download the OFO app (Google Play | AppStore).
  2. Type in the Bike Number into the app.
  3. Input the code into the lock (Note: you must put them in from right to left!) and press to unlock.

Despite popular opinion, you are required to return the bikes to one of the 15 bike stands located throughout campus.

Parking on BIU Campus

In order to enter Bar-Ilan University, cars must be approved and registered with Bar-Ilan Campus Security. Whereas as a year-long entrance pass is near-impossible to obtain, students living in the dorms (and in extreme circumstances, overseas students) can get a one-time pass by calling the Dormitory Office or the Dean of Students Office.

Motorcycle Entry

The Student Union offers a limited amount of Motorcycle Parking Passes for campus, on a first-come, first-served basis. This costs approximately 100 NIS for non-Agudah members, per year.

To receive a Motorcycle Parking Pass, you need to visit the IPI Office (near Bldg. 902 | 03-5253367), and fill out the requisite form.

Off-Campus Parking

There are several parking lots used primarily for BIU students, next to the various campus gates. Parking in these lots is for a fee.

Agudah members, are eligible for a parking discount, which they must visit the IPI Office to receive.

Economics Gate

Located on Max v’Anna Webb Street (near Bldg. 605), is the Economics Gate Parking Lot, which charges an hourly rate.

Cost (Non-Agudah Member): 4 NIS (first hour) + 1 NIS (every additional hour); 20NIS per full day.
Cost (Agudah Member): 2.5 NIS (first hour) + 0.5 NIS (every additional hour); 9NIS per full day.

Wohl, Music, and Sport Gates

These parking lots, located next to the respective campus gates, charge a flat fee per entry.

Cost (Non-Agudah Member): 15.5 NIS
Cost (Agudah Member): 9 NIS.