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The GSC Team

The Bar-Ilan University Library system contains over 1,000,000 physical books, spread throughout more than 28 libraries on campus, in addition to an electronic collection of countless online and offline material, electronic books, and academic journals. The Central Library maintains a joint catalog for all the campus libraries (except for the Law library which has an independent system), called Barcat, which is part of the national “Aleph” system that spans all of Israel’s major institutions.

The BIU Library System allows to you borrow over 150,000 books from the university, as well conduct an inter-library loan for a nominal fee. Furthermore, you can access a plethora of articles, academics journals, and ebooks, from home via the internet.

You can see a list of all the physical libraries on campus, including their operating hours on the BIU Library website.

Borrowing Books

All BIU students are able to borrow books from any of the libraries on campus: just go into one of the libraries with a Student Card or your Teudat Zehut, and books will be checked out under your name, and added to the list of your loans on your Virtual Library Card. You can even reserve books online for pickup! Keep in mind that inter-library loans (books from a different university) cost a nominal fee.

Renewing Books

You can renew books by calling the library during their office hours, or via the internet. While most books can be renewed indefinitely (unless it is waitlisted by another student), some books cannot be renewed and others have a renewal limit. Overdue books cannot be renewed.

Some libraries have a policy of “auto-renewal” as long as the specific hasn’t been requested by anyone – just check with the library first!

Late Fees

Depending on the book, the penalty for not returning books on time is either a two-week suspension of book borrowing privileges or a monetary fine. Fines are between 3-15 NIS per book, per day, depending on the type of book. Accessing Digital Library

Accessing Bar-Ilans Digital Library

As a Bar-Ilan University student, you have access to millions of digital books, articles, and publications.

To access the electronic database, click here.

When clicking on an item, you will be able to use Student ID number and Moodle Password to login and access the full resource.