Oleh Benefits

The GSC Team

Known as the most “Oleh-friendly” university in Israel, BIU offers a fair amount of benefits for Olim Chadashim and Overseas students. These benefits are for all students studying under a foreign passport, as well as those who started their studying within three years of making Aliyah.

The benefits below exist for undergraduate students alone. Sadly, Master’s and Doctoral students in BIU are department-specific, and those students should inquire about immigrant benefits specifically with their departments.

Special Application Process

Olim Chadashim and Overseas students have the option of applying for their undergraduate degree via International Office. In addition to being better equipped to evaluate international transcripts and SATs, the International Office works hard to place Olim in the various degrees, and often has an additional quota of spots in the academic department reserved for international students.

Class Assignments & Homework

As a rule, Bar-Ilan University encourages professors to accept papers and projects written in English. Although the final say resides with the teacher, don’t be embarrassed to approach your professor and ask. Exams


BIU offers a gamut of test-taking benfits for international students:

  • Extra Test Time and Dictionary Use on Exams in Hebrew

    Students are eligible for an additional 15 minutes for every hour of the exam, as well as the ability to use a Hebrew-English Dictionary.
    Currently, your eligibility for this benefit does not show up in Inbar. As such, we suggest all students visit the International Office to confirm their eligibility is listed in the system.

  • Test Translations

    With the authorization of the teacher, students can have their exams professionally translated by the university at the cost of 270 NIS  per test. First-year students may have up to 4 exams translated per semester; Second- and third-year students may only request up to 2.
    If that is a bit rich for your blood, many teachers have been known to translate their exams for free. Don’t be ashamed to ask them!
    Keep in mind that you don’t get extra test time on a translated text.

  • Less Midrasha Exams

    Instead of taking all of the exams for Midrasha courses, international students are only required to take half of them – and they get to choose which ones!

Free Tutoring

International students who made Alyah within the past three years are eligible for up to 50 hours per year of free tutoring from Meoravut Chevratit Department.

Tutoring sessions are held either one-on-one or in small groups. 

Keep in mind there is a 50NIS processing fee. Also, as it often takes time to find tutors, we highly recommend students request tutoring no later than the end of the first month of each semester.