Student Info and IDs

The GSC Team

At the beginning of their studies, all Bar-Ilan students are given a Student ID that is used for taking tests, borrowing books from the BIU Library, getting discounted tickets from Agudat Hastudentim events, and more.

Versions of your Student ID number are also used as your login information for Bar-Ilan University’s various websites, however each site has its own login rules.

Student IDs

In order to get a valid BIU Student ID, you need to upload a passport photo by logging into Inbar, and clicking העלת קבצים -> העלת תמונה. Photos should be 600px x 600px, and no larger than 150Kb in size.

As soon as you finish your class schedule, your Student ID will be mailed to the address listed on file with Bar-Ilan. It takes approximately 30 days to arrive.

Students who do not upload their picture before registering for courses will be issued a pictureless ID – which will only work with a different valid form of picture ID. To get a new ID with a picture, you need to go to Mador Shema. The process and cost are the same as if you lost your Student ID.

Student IDs are multi-year. Each year of studies, you will be mailed a sticker with the current academic year to be affixed to the back of the card.

Replacing a Lost Student ID

In the event you lost your Student ID (or were issued a pictureless ID), you will need to order a new one. The cost for a new Student ID is 31 NIS.

There are two ways to order a new Student ID:

  • Online via Inbar
    Sign in, click “הגשת בקשת”, and choose “אישורי לימודים/ כרטיס סטודנט”. Note: If you need to add a picture, email with a valid picture, your name, and Teudat Zehut.
  • In person via Mador Shema
    Go during office hours (with a valid photo, if necessary) and request a new Student ID.

The cost will be added to your next tuition payment.

BIU Login Information

All of Bar-Ilan University’s online student resources require students to login with variants of their Student ID and Personal Code. Login information is as follows:

  • Inbar, BIU Library Digital Catalog

    Username: Your full Teudat Zehut, including the security digit (012345678).
    Foreign students will be issued a code similar but not identical to your

  • Moodle / Bar-E-Learn

    Username: The first 8 digits of your Teudat Zehut – no security digit (01234567).
    Tourists should use the 8 central digits of their Student ID – without the leading 2 or the trailing dashes (xx0123456).

  • Office 365 Live@BIU

    Username: [First name in English].[Last Name in English]

Your password across all BIU services is the same:  The first initial (English) of your first and last name, followed by your 4-digit personal code (xx0123).

Getting your Personal Code

On your acceptance to Bar-Ilan University, you should receive a letter with your 4-digit personal code, along with your Priel username information.

In the event that you lose your personal code, you can fill out this form with your Student ID number, and get it emailed to you.

Alternatively, you can call Mador Shema and request your personal code over the phone.

Changing Your Password

You can change your password across all BIU services by visiting the following link. An authorization code will be sent to you via SMS or Email (depending on your settings), which will be used to verify your request.

Updating your Student Information

Students in BIU should make it a point to make sure their student information is kept up-to-date: Emails are used to send test locations and scores, mailing address receive student IDs, your tuition bills, and your department will try to contact you via your listed phone number.

Sometimes you may also need to change your Student ID number (e.g. if you make Aliyah) or your name (e.g. if you get married).

Changing your Email Address

To change your email address, log on to Inbar, select “הפרטים שלי” and click “עדכון פרטים” and type in your correct email.

Changing Other Information

To change your Student ID number, your name, your address, or your phone number, fill out this form, and bring it to the International Office, Mador Shema, or Talam.

Changing Your Name: Attach a copy of your new Teudat Zehut / Passport with the updated name.

Changing Your Student ID Number: Attach a copy of your new Teudat Zehut / Passport, along with a copy of your old Passport and your Teudat Oleh.