Making Events in the Givat Shmuel Community

The GSC Team

Making Events in the Givat Shmuel CommunityAs the community has adjusted to the GSC’s migration to a board structure, some people have voiced their concerns about a perceived transition from the grassroots community we all know and love to one with a top-down, “organizer” approach. New community members are unsure about their place in the community, and even a few community veterans have felt marginalized, believing their desires to create community-centric events is unwanted unnecessary.

This is not the case.

The Givat Shmuel Community will always be a bottom-up, grassroots community with events created by the community, for the community. Anyone can, and should, feel free to host community events, create resources for our members, and take an active involvement in helping plan our growth and future. The purpose of the GSC action committees is solely to help individuals with event planning and funding (if necessary), publicize events to the entire community, and augment neglected areas with additional events where relevant.

To help set the record straight, and bring event occurrence and diversity back to its former glory, here is a basic FAQ for people interested in organizing an event in the GSC.

Who can make events in the GSC?

Anyone can create an event in the Givat Shmuel Community, and there are also many external organizations that offer events targeting Givat Shmuel residents. In addition, The GSC’s action committees work to augment activities created by community members, gathering funding and planning events in areas that they feel are lacking.

What type of events are there?

Over the years, our community has thrown countless different types of events. People in the GSC have hosted: bonfires, shabbatons, pool parties, professional plays, tiyulim, weekly shiurim and chugim, tekasim, open mic nights, concerts, bar crawls and trivia nights, movie nights, chag programming, hospital volunteering, clothing drives, and so much more.

The GSC committees focus on several event areas: Torah, Social & Cultural, Chessed, Shabbat & Holiday, and Welcoming.

Do I need the GSC’s approval to host a community event?

Absolutely not!!! Our community is unique in that most of its events are grassroots initiatives taken by its members, and people are actively encouraged to host community events.

If your event meets certain basic criteria (below), the GSC will happily help publicize the events (via The GSC Website, our Facebook Page and Groups, and the GSC Monthly Newsletter), and even try to find funding and help organize it – if you decide it’s necessary.

How do I get my event publicized?

To get your event publicized across the Givat Shmuel, it must meet two basic criteria:

  1. It must be open to the entire GSC Community, and not discriminate against invitees based on age, gender, marital status, socioeconomic background, religious belief, or sexual orientation. (Note: Religious-sensitive events may be open to a specific gender, but no other criteria may apply. Also, marketing your event towards a specific crowd is fine, so long as no-one is barred from attending). Limits on spaces available aren’t counted as discrimination.
  2. It must be not-for-profit. While organizers are allowed to charge for events, the purpose of the event must not be to earn money for organizers.

Assuming your event meets these criteria, publicizing your event is as simple as contacting the GSC Communication team (send an email or message our Facebook page. We will then create the event on the GSC Page, making you an admin so you can edit, share, publicize, and invite whomever you want. We will automatically repost your event to the page and groups (once per week, 3 days before, day of), include it in the Monthly Newsletter, and list it on the GSC’s community calendar on our website.

If you don’t require the GSC’s help publicizing the event, you may create the event yourself through the Camp Bar-Ilan group on Facebook (just go here, and click “Create Event”). While the event will be included in the Monthly Newsletter and the GSC Community Calendar, we won’t be responsible for reposting it to the page and various community groups.

Note: Events created in Camp Bar-Ilan that do not meet the above criteria will be automatically deleted without prior warning given to the host. If you are unsure about your event’s status, feel free to message the communication team.

How do I get help organizing or subsidizing my event?

Assuming your event meets the criteria above, all you need to do is contact the relevant GSC committee (if you are unsure, speak with the Communication Team) at least six weeks before the event. We will then do what’s in our power to give you all the resources (volunteers, location, budget) we can.

Please keep in mind that as a grassroots organization, our resources are limited.

What if I want to host a recurring event (a weekly shiur or lecture, Friday-night minyan, art chug, etc)?

The best way to host a series of events is to create a new Facebook Group for the series of event, and invite people to that. The group should be used to post information and updates about the specific events (topics, changes in time, cancellations, etc.), and if you want to create a Facebook event for the specific meeting, you should create it via the group too (Your Group > Events > “Create Event”).

Weekly events created in this fashion will be included in the Monthly Newsletter, and the GSC community calendar.