Operation Protective Edge: A comprehensive list of resources

The GSC Team

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]As the situation in Israel worsens, the members of the GSC have compiled a list of the numerous resources available for people affected, as well as numerous ways to volunteer, donate, or otherwise get involved. Click the sections below for information.

Please Note: The IDF has requested the locations where rockets have fallen/been intercepted not be publicized. This information allows Hamas to recalibrate their rockets.

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Donate Now to Support Israeli Communities Under Attack!

The GSC is collecting money to help fund volunteering effort in Southern Israel and other communities affected by Hamas rockets. Just ₪ 120.00 can fund a full day of volunteering for one person! Funds will be transferred directly to Lev Echad – Emergency Civilian Response and One Family Fund

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Important Information from Pikud Ha’Oref – Home Front Command:

Upon hearing the siren, you have 90 seconds to enter a bomb shelter, and should wait a full ten minutes before exiting.

IDF Siren Guidelines
Shelters on the BIU Campus
Shelters in Givat Shmuel

Emergency Numbers (free from all phones)

Pikud HaOref (Homefront Command) – 104

Magen David Adom – 101

Hatzalloh – 1221

Fire – 102

Police – 100

Click here to receive free emergency notifications from the Givat Shmuel Municipality via SMS.

Join the Emergency WhatsApp Group – text Yuda Widawsky (054-4471216)

For More Givat Shmuel Emergency Resources, visit the Givat Shmuel Municipality’s website.

Tzeva Adom App on Google Play 

Live Blog and Updates

Jerusalem Post
The Muqata


Chief Rabbi Lau – Shabbat Guidelines 

Silent Radio for Givat Shmuel – 89.1

Miluim (Reserves)

General Information and Benefits for Soldiers called up to Miluim.

BIU – Student Benefits for Milium

BIU Finals

Finals will be continuing as scheduled.Click here for a list of benefits for all students affected by the security situation


Ministry of Finance – Employment benefits in Security Crisis

For emergency inquiries, call 1800-201-180.

Note: Employers are NOT allowed to fire anyone due to his service in miluim, or absence from work due to the security situation.[/vc_column_text][/vc_tab][vc_tab title=”Get Support” tab_id=”1404939748-1-78″][vc_column_text]

National Support for Victims of Hostilities

Telephone Helpline for Victims of Shock: 1-800-363-363

Victims of Hostilities handled by the National Insurance Institute and in need of assistance are encouraged to contact their rehabilitation department or call 02-6709743 between the hours of 8:30 to 15:30

Support for Families of Miluimnikim
Numerous members of the GSC/Bar Ilan community have been called up for miluim. Many friends, wives, girlfriends, families could use help and support while their loved ones are away protecting us.

If you would like to help out (for example, organize or even just host “girl’s night” for wives, help a mother out at home with the children, or just let someone vent) please contact Nili Meyersdorf, Gila Bublick, Tzipporah Witty, or Yael Bentolila.

If you need help, contact the GSC Facebook Page

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Social Media Advocacy

To get involved, contact rachelyeger@gmail.com.
IDC – Advocacy Room
To get involved, contact yanivmlevy@gmail.com.

Hosting Families from the South

Givat Shmuel Municipality – Fill out this form, and email it to Shira Gabbay
BIU – Contact Ruth Baruch (ruth@bis.org.il, 052-8521989)

National Hotline – Call 1-800-202-203


Michael Levine Lone Soldier Center
Spend time with 300 new lone soldiers who just finished ulpan

Date: Friday, July 11 @ HaHistradrut 20, Jerusalem
Contact: Sharon Altshul (02-5663766)

Get “paired” with a Soldier, and learn in hiszechut!

IDC Assistance for Parents and Students
Volunteer with the Eshkol Regional Council, by babysitting, running camp activities, and helping children with special needs.

Please contact yanivmlevy@gmail.com

Lev Echad – Emergency Civilian Response
Lev Echad is actively looking for volunteers to help out in communities affected in the south.
Individual Volunteers: Click Here | Groups:Click Here

The organization is also looking for volunteer professional photographers. Contact Divorah: 052-8109283



Supporting IDF Military Wives

Contact the organization, and help provide babysitting services, cleaning services, and dinner.

Drop-Off Point: Hashaked 4/6 (1st Floor)
Contact: Gila, 054-209-6150

Operation Pizza Storm
Support the citizens and businesses in Israel’s south taking the brunt from the rockets by ordering pizzas from local southern vendors to be delivered to families and soldiers in the region.

Donate Now to Support Israeli Communities Under Attack!
The GSC is collecting money to help fund volunteering effort in Southern Israel and other communities affected by Hamas rockets. Just ₪ 120.00 can fund a full day of volunteering for one person! Funds will be transferred directly to Lev Echad – Emergency Civilian Response and One Family Fund.[/vc_column_text][/vc_tab][vc_tab title=”Donate Now!” tab_id=”1405012323762-3-6″]

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