BIU Benefits for Miluim in Operation Protective Edge

BIU Student Benefits – Operation Protective Edge

The GSC Team

In light of the effects of Operation Protective Edge on the greater student body, Bar-Ilan University is offering an assortment of benefits to their students, including extra test dates, priority course registration, “Pass” scores, free tutoring, and more!

Below is a full list of all the benefits available.
[Last updated: 1 September 2014]

Benefits for All Students

  1. Extra Test Dates

    All BIU students who had an exam between 6 July 2014 – 29 August 2014, are automatically eligible for an additional Moed Gimmel test date.

    • Students are still only eligible to take an exam a maximum of two times.
    • Unlike the usual system, students will get the highest of their two exam scores.

    Tests which occurred between 6 July 2014 – 8 August 2014, will have their Moed Gimmel some time between 19 October 2014 and mid-December. Tests which fell during 24-29 August 2014 will have their Moed Gimmel between mid-December and the end of the first semester.
    Registration for Moed Gimmel will take place via Meida Ishi L’Student.

  2. Course Registration (Priel)

    Students who do not have a grade in a particular prerequisite course, and are planning on taking a Moed Gimmel during the semester, will be able to register for an advanced class with out the prerequisite limitation.

  3. Late Projects

    All students have an automatic extension on handing in their Seminariyon projects and papers until the end of the first semester, without any negative impact on tuition.

BIU Students who Served in Miluim (Reserves)

Note: These benefits are in addition to the general Miluim Benefits offered by Bar-Ilan University.

  1. Extra Test

    Students who served in Miluim for at least 6 days are eligible to take any exam a third time, regardless of if they failed the first two times, or are just looking to improve their grade. The third exam’s score will be the final grade.

  2. “Pass” Scores

    Students who served in Miluim for at least 6 days can choose one non-Department Requirement course from their second semester in which they passed and choose to have the grade displayed as a “Pass” instead of a number grade, thus not affecting their GPA.
    Students who served for at least 14 days can choose to receive a “Pass” for as many as two courses.
    Department Requirements can only be given a “Pass” grade with the approval of the Department Head.

  3. Final Project instead of a Final Exam

    Students who served in Miluim for a minimum of 14 days can choose one course in which they passed and hand in a Final Project to be scored in place of the exam, and averaged into the course’s final grade.
    To hand in a Final Project, the student must first receive permission from both the teacher and the Department Head.

  4. Course Registration (Priel)

    Students who received a Tzav 8 during Operation Protective Edge, can request to sign up early for 2014-2015 classes, via Priel. Students should send their written request along with a copy of their Tzav 8 to the Talam Office.

Students whose spouses served in Miluim, who themselves were in Keva service, or who served under the Misrad Habitachon, are also eligible for the Miluim Benefits listed above. To receive these benefits:

  • Spouses must send in a copy of your Spouse’s Tzav Shmona, as well of both of your Teudot Zehut including the Sefach that lists your children (if relevant).
  • Students who served in Keva will receive these benefits automatically, assuming they are listed as serving in Keva by ראש אכ”א.
  • Students who served under Misrad Habitachon must prove a copy of their אישור מראמ”א.

As with everything in Bar-Ilan University, students can ask for benefits not listed here in the event of extenuating circumstances.

Additional Benefits

  1. Photocopies

    Students who served in Miluim during Operation Protective Edge are eligible for a photocopy card worth 200 copies. Those who were enrolled in summer courses, are eligible for an additional 50 copies for each day of missed classes due to Miluim.
    To receive photocopy cards, students must bring their Ishur Miluim to Mador Shema (Bldg. 502 Rm. 19) before 12 September 2014 .
    During 24 August 2014 – 1 December 2014 students can visit the BIU Archival Department (Bldg. 405) and photocopy once time, up to 200 pages.

  2. Tutoring / Make-up Classes

    Students who served in Miluim for at least 6 days are eligible for 1 tutoring class (60 minutes) for each day of classes they had their second semester. In addition, those students who were enrolled in summer classes are eligible for an additional tutoring class for each day of class they missed.
    Students should send in a copy of their Tzav 8 and this form to the Community Involvement Department (Bldg. 407 | Tel: 03-5318491 ext. 4), no later than 19 September 2014.