Migrating BIUShiur

The GSC Team

Dear Members of BIUShiur,

Today we are announcing plans to close BIUShiur in order to focus on strengthening communication throughout the Givat Shmuel community. We do not make this decision lightly, and are confident that by focusing our resources on our Facebook page, the GSC Website, and Monthly Newsletter, we will be better able to accommodate our 1,200+ member community.

It has been more than twelve years since BIUShiur was created. At first it was just a small message server that allowed Anglos in Bar-Ilan to communicate, but slowly it grew to become the backbone of our community, a community which has expanded anyone’s wildest expectations. With over 570 active users, and a total of 9,710 messages posted since it’s launch, BIUShiur helped make Givat Shmuel what it is today – Israel’s largest and fastest growing Anglo student, young professional, and newly-married community. As a result, however, our aging listserv has been unable to adapt to our community’s needs and gone into disuse by most.

As of 15 October 2014, BIUShiur will be closed to new posts.

To prepare for these changes, we recommend that all BIUShiur users take the following steps:


  1. Like The GSC – Givat Shmuel Community and join Camp Bar Ilan | Sam’s Hill Anglos on Facebook. Our page is a source for real-time news and events happening in Givat Shmuel, and the groups are a source of active conversation, even more convenient that BIUShiur! It is the ideal place to connect with community Members.
    Did you know that Facebook groups let you interact entirely via email, just like BIUShiur? To set up Facebook to run from your email, read below.
  1. Sign up to receive the GSC Monthly NewsletterThe Givat Shmuel Community Monthly Newsletter gives readers a summary of what’s coming up in the GSC and a digest of community news and announcements. It is a great way to stay connected without being too overwhelmed.

This step is neither the first nor the last of many exciting things to come. It is because of you that our community is growing and evolving right before our eyes, and we thank you for all the continued support.

Nitra’eh B’hemshech!

The GSC – Givat Shmuel Community


For Community Questions & Information: Our Facebook page has a team of volunteers working around the clock to answer private messages and wall posts, and it’s a great way for individuals and organizations to get the responses they need. Our website has an ever-growing collection of resources and information for community members. And of course, for Shabbat meals, tremps, and anything else, just post to Camp Bar-Ilan or Sam’s Hill Anglos.


For Advertising: All community services can be published for free in The GSC’s Community Service Directory on our website. Events and promotionals can also be shared with the GSC page and posted to the group (note: strict limitations apply). For serious advertisers, we offer sponsored posts on our Facebook page, and advertising space across The GSC and Chadashim News websites, and in the GSC Monthly  Newsletter. For more information, contact advertising@thegsc.co.il.


Setting up Facebook for Email Use.

  1. Visit Camp Bar Ilan or Sam’s Hill Anglos.
  2. Click the Notifications drop-down menu:
    Here you can see the notification options.  Pick the one that is appropriate.

    1. All Posts: You will receive a notification every time anyone posts anything to the group.
    2. Friend’s Posts: Often, you will not necessarily be friends with every group member.  This option allows you to only receive notifications when a Facebook Friend posts in the group (including comments he/she may make on group threads you have not commented on).
    3. Off:  You will receive no notifications.

To post a message to Camp Bar Ilan or Sam’s Hill Anglos, just send an email to campbarilan@groups.facebook.com or samshillanglos@groups.facebook.com.