Logging in to BIU is about to get (slightly) easier!

The GSC Team

BIU_Open_Athens-imageStarting today, logging into one of BIU’s many online systems is getting slightly marginally not-even-noticeably a little bit easier!

From now on, when logging into the BIU Library System for at-home use, you won’t use a special Open-Athens login. Rather, you will log in with your Student ID number (9 digits), and your Moodle Password.

Note: Meida Ishi L’Student, the BIU Library Card, Maarechet Ishurim, Priel, etc, will continue to use various variations of your Student ID number and Pin Code. There are currently no plans in the short-term to unify all of them.

For more info about the change (and how to find your Moodle Password), read the PDF.