Givat Shmuel Finishes Paving New Bike Path!

The GSC Team

GS_Bike_Lane-photoIn yet another effort to make Givat Shmuel vegan leftist eco-friendly, Givat Shmuel has finished paving another section of its (soon to be) city-wide bike path!

This stretch connects Jabotinsky Street with Oranim, and slowly wraps around keren hayesod to BIU. It joins the 8 other bike-trails in Givat Shmuel (Route 471, Jabotinsky, Max v’Anna Webb, Bet Sefer Neria, Hazetim – Uzi Chitman, Sportek, Rambam, and Lipkin Shachak).

The next path (set for construction in 2005) will span Uri Tzvi Greenberg and the entirety of Menachem Begin.

Stay tuned!