The All-New GSC Directory 2.0

The GSC Team

directoryIt’s been almost 15 months since The GSC website launched, offering community members up-to-date resources, how-to’s, events, and more, giving you all the tools you need to adjust to life in Israel and Givat Shmuel.

Through all this time, we’ve also been listening, learning not just what information you want, but also the best way to present it and give you access. We’ve gathered over 200 feedback accounts through surveys, email, and one-on-one conversations, all of which gets integrated into our strategic development plans and put to good use.

Today, we’re happy announce another example of community collaboration: The Givat Shmuel Community Directory. Its been fully redesigned and coded from the ground up, to show you what you need, when you need it.

But, instead of boring you with the technical specifications (130% faster, fully responsive, etc.), let’s focus on some of the more exciting features:

  • Same Listing, Wherever You Need It!
    Navigating Israel is time-consuming enough, and the last thing you need is out-dated, conflicting information. Now, all community listings are automatically kept in sync – whether you’re viewing last week’s blog post, clicking a link from November’s newsletter, or viewing a how-to article from two years ago, the listing information you see is always the most recent!
  • Directions, From Anywhere!
    Our new Google Maps API means that directions are always accurate, and just a click away. Just type in your address – or let your phone’s GPS access it for  , and you’ll get step by step directions to your destination whether you’re driving, biking, walking, or taking a bus!
  • Add User Listings!
    Want to help out other community members by telling them about that new trendy bar on Hasivim? Now you can just submit the info yourself – instead of sending an email that gets added to our never-ending back-burner of website updates.
    Over the next few weeks, we’ll be bringing this functionality to our revamped Community Services Directory, allowing you to promote your local service or business with unprecedented ease!
  • Ratings!
    Your number one request has been answered – now you can leave feedback about a listing, and share it with the community! Warn others about ridiculously long wait-times, vote for your contender for Givat Shmuel’s best pizza place, or even just share a tip about parking – anything goes!

We’re now in the process of migrating all of our old listings into the new database, please be patient, as it might take a few weeks.

For now, check out comprehensive restaurants list – which now also includes quick links to menus, take out orders, and even lets you reserve a table!