The Iriyah Campaigns Against… Cats!

The GSC Team

The Iriyah Campaigns Against... Cats! 1Earlier this month, the Givat Shmuel Municipality unveiled its new plan to battle the ever-growing cat population – spaying and neutering!

In the past few years, the amount of feral cats in Givat Shmuel has grown exponentially. According to the municipality, however, it is not your ripped-open garbages that are the victims, rather the cats themselves. The Iriyah cites overpopulation as the lead cause in rabies and other feline diseases, as well as a social trigger for cat-on-cat violence.

The Iriyah’s new, “humane” plan involves Gush Dan veterinarians neutering feral cats, before returning them to the wild a day or two later.

If you see unneutered, feral cats in your area, please report them to the Gush Dan Veterinary Services