2 New Summer Scholarships through BIU’s Student Union

The GSC Team

The Agudat Hastudentim just announced two new summer scholarship programs for BIU Students.

  1. Katif Yisraeli

    :10428055_945664195485571_8783354073605960610_n A summer program that combines Agricultural work with Zionism and social studies. Come meet students from all around the country, and receive and 3,000 NIS scholarship! http://jli.co.il/campus/index.html


  2. 2 New Summer Scholarships through BIU's Student Union 1
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    Mabat El Ha-Chayim:

    A new course in cooperation with Chabad on Campus. Nine meetings discussing key issues regarding Judaism, combinig studies with art and culture. The program entitles participants to a 1,000 NIS scholarship! http://jli.co.il/campus/index.html

Registration closes soon, so sign up today!