Budget Approved for Planning Urban Renewal Project in Giora

The GSC Team

11148414_856264007777988_4674395576626394725_oAfter six years of waiting for court approval, the Givat Shmuel Municipality decided this month to move forward and begin planning the Urban Renewal project for the Giora neighborhood.

The 300,000 NIS budget, prompted by a meeting with then Housing Minister Uri Ariel, will be used to bring together a team of professional consultants and architects to finish the fundamental designs of the neighborhood upgrades. While construction itself cannot begin until final approval by the Israel Land Administration, the Municipality hopes to shorten the overall length of the project by working in parallel.

The multi-million shekel Urban Renewal project aims to build an acoustic wall separating the neighborhood from Geha Highway, revamp playgrounds, and improve the overall infrastructure and appearance of Giora.