Important PSA: West Nile Virus Identified in Central Israel

The GSC Team

mosquito_westnilePublic Service Announcement: Israel’s Ministry of Health has confirmed mosquitoes carrying West Nile Virus (WNV) in Or Yehuda.

Discovered as part of a routine inspection last week, the Ministry has directed local municipalities to expand the scope of surveillance and treatment areas to minimize the chances of infection and and prevent the disease’s spread to other cities in Central Israel.

Givat Shmuel residents are asked to be vigilant about preventing the accumulation of stagnant water and other mosquito breeding grounds on their property, as well as to use mosquito repellant to prevent bites.

While most cases of WNV only cause fever, headaches, and muscle fatigue, in rare circumstance the infection can cause brain inflammation and even death.

If you are aware of increased mosquito populations or discover mosquito breeding grounds in any part of Givat Shmuel, please call the Municipality Hotline: 03-5319200