Religious Council: No Shortcuts to PT on Shabbat!

The GSC Team

11139403_868048149932907_3403582219066922948_nIn response to many questions this past month, the Givat Shmuel Religious Council clarified that the popular shortcut to Petach Tikva is not included in the city’s Eruv Shabbat, due to halachic considerations.

The dirt path in question starts behind Derech Hamelech St. and saves about ten minutes for residents of the area on their way to Petach Tikva. However, the Eruv Shabbat falls short – stopping at the electric pole on the ease side of Derech Hamelech.

There still exist other ways into Petach Tikva on Shabbat. Both Menachem Begin-Hasivim and Jabotinsky-Derech Rabin are included in the Eruv. For those living near Derech Hamelech, the path on the south side of the street (seen in the attached image) cuts towards Derech Rabin; however, the road is unpaved and poorly lit at nighttime.