Matnas’ New Daycare Programs to Lower Costs

The GSC Team

11357347_851393631606327_7820681953107244060_oIn preparation for the upcoming school year, the Givat Shmuel Community Center is restructuring their afternoon daycare programs. The new model, developed in active cooperation with local parents, seeks to create a unified structure for all schools in the area and lower prices in the process.

The biggest change is the adoption of 3- or-5-day programs in over 10 different extracurriculars, including science, art, sports, dance, drama, theater, and more. This, as well as active dialogue between the schools, parents, and daycare counselors, will allow for participants to augment and enforce what they are already being taught in schools, and lead to a more “holistic” and “pedagogical” use of time.

According to the Matnas, the joint participation and planning will also allow for better events and activities during vacations – and particularly affect the quality of summer camps in the area.