NIS 11 Million Allocated to Develop Givat Shmuel

The GSC Team

גבעת שמואל מתנסEarlier this week, the City Council authorized over ₪11 million NIS to advance and develop public resources in the community.

A majority of the funds will go towards renovating the Kiryat Alon, Ilanoar, and the Bnei Akiva “Beit Yossi” youth group facilities. An additional ₪4 million will go to the new Matnas branch in Ramat Hadar. ₪1.5 million has been allocated to the Senior Citizen “Avivim” hall in Ramat Ilan, and ₪300,000 each to the Sports Hall/ Auditorium in Ramat Hadar and Giora Urban Renewal project.

The Council also increased the budget for the school renovations set for the summer, bringing the total amount to ₪4,000,000.