New Tools for Community Event Creators

The GSC Team

We’re happy to announce that event planning in Givat Shmuel is getting an upgrade! After weeks of coding, The GSC’s online Event Platform has been fully overhauled to empower community individuals to host and share their own events with ease.

Event-ManagerThe new platform removes a lot of the hurdles and bureaucracy for community event creators:

  1. Community Event Creation

    That’s right, anyone with a Facebook account can now login to the GSC site and publish their own event – no need to wait for a Website admin! You can schedule single or recurring events, add pictures, link to ticket sales and your Facebook RSVP page, and update event details, all on your own terms!

  2. Hassle-free Event Publicizing:

    In addition to your events displaying prominently on the GSC Site, community events will be automatically included in the monthly GSC Newsletter, and shared on Facebook/Camp Bar Ilan – without requiring you to lift a finger!

  3. Get Help Organizing and Funding:

    Although not technically a feature of the new platform (we’re still working on the code that will let us print our own money for events) our newfound nonprofit status gives The GSC more leeway with budget allocation than ever before, and we have a team of volunteers ready to help you organize the logistics. Drop us a line, and let us know how we can help you with your event.

This is just one of many recent and upcoming changes to the GSC site, re-empowering local residents to make a difference in the community. Stay tuned!