The Light Rail is About to Kill Your Commute

The GSC Team

c08_r-800Expect your work commute to Tel Aviv to become a living hell. Starting Sunday, work on the Tel Aviv light rail begins, and there will be major traffic and public transport changes going into effect as a result.

At this early stage, changes will include Mikve Yisrael, Bezalel Yafe, Yavne, Shadal and Ramchal Street, with Yehuda Halevy St. being closed entirely to traffic. You can expect spillover around the entire Allenby area.

Moovit has already updated its public transportation routes, and the Tel Aviv Municipality will be setting up a “situation room” with the Transit Authority, Police, Ministry of Transport, and even Waze.

Many veterans of the Oleh community remember the chaos in Jerusalem as they began construction on their light rail in mid-2008, some of which continues to this day (*cough* Agripas St. *cough*). The only solace is that the project will eventually be completed.