Microsoft Office for All Current (and some former) BIU Students

The GSC Team

Breaking News: Bar-Ilan is giving its students Microsoft Office for free!

That’s right: as of this year, students can log in to their newly-created live@biu email accounts to receive the following:

  • 50GB of One Drive space.
  • Access to Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and OneNote (computer, laptop, and smartphone versions) – up to five licenses are included!

To get access (As of April 2018):

  1. Log into Inbar, and click Kodei Mishtamesh B’Machshev, on the right toolbar, to find out your ‘Office 365 Live’ address. The password is your usual password (which you can reset here).
  2. Visit Office 365 for Education‘s landing page, log in, and download the programs you want.

Note: This has been verified to work for former students who already created a live account in the past (if you forgot your password you can use the same steps above to get a new one). If any former students without a previous account are successful, let us know!