Welcome to “Who’s Who in Gabash”

Simcha Tamkin

From the desk of the Communications Team:
we are pleased to debut a new column called “Who’s who in Gabash” where our two amazing columnists Elle Lewitter and Shana Vernon will be interviewing the people who make our community great. This week, I will be conducting the interviews so I can introduce you to our columnists. Our first interview will be with Elle, and I will add the interview with Shana later in the week. Thank you all for reading!
-Simcha Tamkin
S: So let’s start with the obvious starter question. Where are you from?
E: I’m from Elizabeth New Jersey. Actually, just New Jersey because i don’t want people knowing I’m from Elizabeth.
S: First of all, Elizabeth is a great city, and everyone I know who’s from Elizabeth is amazing. Look, I’m from Cleveland, so theres really nothing to be ashamed of.
S: When did you make aliyah?
E: I made aliyah in February 2015. 9 months ago on wednesday.
S: What made you want to make aliyah when you did?
E: I got my BA in January from Montclair state
S: did you know anyone from Givat Shmuel before you moved here?
E: yes, I have a friend here from Teaneck
S: did it bother you that you weren’t so close to NYC when you were in Elizabeth?
E: I really didn’t mind. Im more of a small town girl.
S:Thats great to hear. what is your profession?
E: I do many things. I’m a student teacher for 11th and 12th grade international students in a school in Kfar Hayarok. I am also the head substitute at a Gan. I would have been head teacher had i not gone to start my Master’s. I had to leave because I couldn’t do a Master’s full time and teach full time. I’m a very busy person. I am currently getting my master’s at Tel Aviv University in TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages).
S: When did you decide to be a teacher?
E: I have wanted to be a teacher ever since I was very young, but I decided to do ESL (English as a Second Language) when I was in college. I wanted to apply to be a tutor while I was in college, but I didn’t have the hours to devote because I was working at the book store. But there were a lot of students at the book store who needed extra help editing papers and I was more than happy to provide that help, so they kept coming back. I never did it for them, but I made sure they knew how to do things like improve their sentence structure and help them with any grammar mistakes.
S:Tell me more about your gan. is it mostly Israeli, or is it multinational?
E: The gan I teach in is an english speaking gan meant for children of Israeli parents. Of course, we admit children from anywhere into our gan. We have a child who’s parents are from the U.S.A, we have Australian, Canadian, and various other places. its a small gan. We are expanding next year, and were are going to have a 1-2 year olds class, and continue with that class until they finish gan.
S: how big is your ideal shabbat meal?
E: 6 people maximum, but I prefer smaller. Sometimes, I’ll go to a few bigger meals, but if it’s over ten people, i am probably going to either be there and stay quiet, or not be there at all. I don’t like big groups of people. I prefer more intimate settings.
S:So when you do have free time, what do you usually do for fun?
E: Free time, ha thats a good one. In my free time, I do homework, I make lesson plans for the students that I student teach that are not in the gan, so really I have no free time because thats all work or school related.
S: Do you feel that what you do is rewarding?
E: Yes, for sure. the high school students i teach are very bright, and I really like them. And besides for teaching that class, I teach an independent English Writing support group. I also teach reading comprehension and writing comprehension in Seminar Kibbutzim.
S: well, thank you for sharing your time with the GSC, and welcome to the team!
E:thank you, i look forward to many future interviews! image1image