Bar-Ilan Students Win First Place in “Gondathon” Competition

Yonina Sakols

Students from the Brain Research Center at Bar- Ilan University took first place in the “Gondathon” competition for developing an application that12278845_1033475846673454_5727826229798719155_n alerts the driver when a person starts to fall asleep at the wheel. This was a nationwide competition which included many universities and colleges in Israel. The purpose of the competition is to encourage the relationship between the world of high tech and technology to the world of brain research as a tool to improve access to the research and implementation. By using data of brain activity studied over a period of time, the students were able to see a separation between when a person is awake and alert and when a person is tired and falling asleep. The future application will be able to use this data to send an alert to the driver’s phone when he starts to fall sleep.